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Reliv Now For Kids Story #6. Testimony Shared by Mommy Jisselle

This is Elisha Bethany , 1 year and 11 months . She was very hard to feed sobrang picky eater and panay dede ang gusto niya . Morning and lunch gatas lang palagi and palagi kaming nahi hirapan everyday at iiyak kung meron siyang maki kitang pagkain sa lamesa namin.

Nakita ko ang Reliv Now for Kids sa social media at napagisipan ko , why not subukan ? Binasa ko ang mga testimonials and na inspired ako.

Eto na after Reliv Now for Kids sa isang lata lang , kumain ng kanin atsabaw and tuwang tuwa kami sa bahay then sa second can ng reliv now for kids , dumami na ang mga food choices niya at gustong gusto ang gulay , isda , sabaw at kanin . Masigla na si Bethany , hindi ma iyakin , maganda ang tulog niya at napaka kinis ng balat niya . Ng pa member din ako para maka pag share sa ibang mga mommies at gustong gusto ko mg home business at maka income din . Maski saan ako meron smart phone , meron wifi maka ka pag benta ako at tumutulong sa ibang mga mommies katulad ko.

Reliv Works !! Happy Mo…
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Reliv Now for Kids Story #5: Shared by A Happy Mom

A Happy Mom sharing her story : My daughter has always been a picky eater , Slow learner in school , constipated , chronic cough and colds and irritable at age 5 , we saw on social media stories similar to hers and I said to myself , I should give Reliv a try ..

After 1 week My husband and I saw huge improvement in her attitude and she began eating lunch and dinner with us at the table . It has been 6 months now and her grades in school has gotten better , no
more constipation and all coughs and colds are gone and now we have a happy playful child and has great appetite ..

We are so thankful and to buy Reliv Now For Kids is an investment in her health and we became lifetime members so we can enjoy discounts.
Picture shown is simulated due to family's privacy .
Disclaimer : Reliv is not a cure or medicine .
Reliv is all the food and brain food lacking in our childs body .. Feed the Body what
is missing and the body goes to
work .
For more info on how to get started …

Congratulations to our 2019 President's Team members!

Your journey has led you this far and we hope that all of you will go even further and into even greater heights. We in this business has a large way ahead. Most of us is looking forward to meet the new and upcoming members as well.

We are leading this and as an inspiring program to all of our costumers and specially members.

Reliv Now For Kids Feedback #1. Testimony Shared by Mommy Chloe

Thank You Mommy Chloe for your Feedback about your Kids and Reliv Now for Kids and Luna Rich X ... Me : Hello Mommy Chloe kumusta na po Ang mga bata with Reliv Now For Kids ? Mommy Chloe’s reply : yes they are both taking reliv.
thank you maam im looking forward sa good result.
wala naman po problema sa lasa, my 8years old sya mismo naglagay ng reliv nya and my 2 years old ayun po gumaya na din'
parehas nila naubos excited after lunch sila nagtimpla ..pagkaubos walang 10minutes kusang natulog nang tanghali 😅 ambilis nila matulog ngayon wala nang sigawan at takutan 😅 This picture shown is simulated due to family’s privacy .
Reliv is not medicine , nor a cure . Reliv Now For Kids is all the nutrients and brain food lacking
In our kids daily food . Feed the body what it is missing and the body will go
To work .
Reliv Now For Kids is In powder form and it mixes very well in milk , juice ,
Water or food .

Reliv Now For Kids Story #4. Testimony Shared by Mommy Ninia Espinoza

Thanks for sharing the good news!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

At 2 months old, my baby MATEO was diagnosed with WEST SYNDROME (an uncommon to rare epileptic disorder in infants)
Naka 2 pedia neuro na kami and pareho lang ang sinasabi nila - yung baby ko daw may GLOBAL DEVELOPMENT DELAY, GLOBAL MENTAL RETARDATION, SPEECH DELAY (as in 90% sure daw sila na di siya makakapag salita), even makaupo or makatayo very impossible daw. In short, lahat ng pwede makadurug sa puso ng isang ina sinabi na po nila sa akin yun.


Noong di pa umiinum ng Reliv yung baby ko, lagi siyang tulala. Walang response kahit i.flashlight mo yung eyes niya, di man siya kumukurap and ung seizure attack gravee talaga. Every 2 hours kung atakihin siya. Then one day, I saw a post online regarding Reliv. Gamot daw for seizure and other illness. Since medyo may kamahalan, nag research muna ako if effective nga. And then I saw some clients’ testimonial at nakonvins ako para bumili. Di kuna iisip ung price basta ung nasa utak…

Reliv Now For Kids Story #3. Testimony Shared by Akilyn Tuazon

"Di baleng gumastos kami ng pang maintenance to keep us healthy, kesa naman maadmit buwan2 sa ospital at gumastos ng isang bagsakang P30k to P50k within 3 days.

Ito na mismo ang vitamins namin kasi mas madami siyang vitamins & minerals compared sa mga popular vitamins na inaadvertise sa TV" 😂

Reliv is all natural with NO artificial additives, complete and balanced nutrition, boosts the immune system, has brain food, and essential vitamins, minerals and micronutrients necessary to keep growing bodies healthy, and helps boost energy and mental performance. It is fortified with cell-protecting antioxidants, 5 grams of non-GMO whole bean soy, plus the “brain-building” nutrients DHA, PS and PC.

Reliv is nutrition you can trust. Made in the US na, Patented and Guaranteed pa..

This is my order - Reliv Milk & LunaRich X capsules for me & Akio.

Shared by Akilyn Tuazon

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Disclaimer :
Reliv is not medicine or cure .Reliv is all the n…

Reliv Now For Kids Story #2. Testimony shared by Nurse Leah

Meet my brother Henry and we call him JR for short . He was born with Severe Mental Retardation and the youngest in our family . Since birth our family had to cope with having a special needs child and growing up pre teen we had to hide things and rearrange the house to make it safe for him and us because he would turn on electrical appliances and burn plastic containers and be very loud if he does not get his way . He is on anti seizure medication . He is the worst one in his special needs class at 17 years old and he does not pay attention and even his OT were having difficulties with him as he was getting older . It was in Jan 2017 that I saw a post on FB about Reliv and I asked myself , Why not give this a try ? What have we got to loose ? What if we gain something ? . To our surprise on the 3rd day on Reliv Now for a kids he did not have his usual tremors and seizures he usually has . He is vibrant , happy and with energy . His OT said to us last week that he finished his task w…